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My deep forehead lines are now gone thanks to the Botox treatments I got from Doc Joe. Can't wait for my follow-up.

-R.V 23/Male

I had neuromodulator injections for my lower eyebags and forehead line,plus I had dermal fillers for my cheeks and lips. My colleagues say that I look well rested and fresh! Thank you Doc Joe! 

- J.A. 28/Female


With my line of work, constant stress causes me to move my eyebrows together, which caused me to have the "Number 11" between by eyebrows. After my Botox Treatment, my lines are now more relaxed.

- Gold 22/Female

The "pekas" (sun spots) I had on my forearms and shoulders have lightened after just 3 sessions of IV glutathione shots from Doc Joe. Will definitely continue having my IV shots.

- J.R. 30/Male

I've been annoyed with the warts on my face and neck for so long. I availed of cautery services and now I'm happy with my skin. Salamat Doc!

- J.D. 29/Male

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