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Stem Cell Therapy

What Is Stem Cell Treatment?

​Stem cell therapy focuses on providing the body cells that are ready to rebuild any damage that may have occurred and are causing medical symptoms or poor quality of life.


Stem cells may come from the fat of the patient or may come from a young xenogeneic source to replace the aging ones. 

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment


Most Effective: Precursor Stem Cells 

More Effective: Fresh Frozen Cells

Effective: Organ-Specific Cell Peptides or Fat Stem Cells 

SAFETY: All cellular therapies that we offer our patients are safe and of utmost quality. Allergic reactions are rare, may occur on the local site of implantation, and can be treated with anti-histamines. 


NOTE: Fat stem cells are more immunogenic compared to organ-specific xenogeneic fetal cells. 

What happens to Stem Cells after implantation?
  • Stem Cells are dispersed into the adjacent tissue and look for their corresponding organs to rejuvenate

  • Stem Cells differentiate into component cell types and integrate with the target tissue or organ

  • Stem Cells begin to secrete several essential growth factors and attract the growth of blood vessels to facilitate tissue formation


Why Autologous Fat Stem Cell Therapy?
  • Less painful than a bone marrow harvest.

  • No prolonged waiting time for incubation (One Day Procedure) 

  • More Adult Stem Cells per unit volume can be harvested (50-60 million in one application; 1cc of fat contains approximately 1 million stem cells) in comparison to Bone Marrow Source

  • No ethical or moral issues in harvesting adipose (fat) tissue as opposed to human embryonic stem cells

Why Precursor Cells, Fresh Frozen, or Organ Specific?
  • No harvest needed and no waiting time for incubation 

  • Direct injection of these young and active cells into the body

  • These are TRUE young cells compared to Adult Fat Stem Cells

  • No ethical or moral issues in harvesting animal fetus compared to human embryonic stem cells

  • Cost-effective for multiple treatments

value. ​quality care. convenience.

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