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Stemtech’s flagship product, StemEnhance®, is the world's first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.


In a clinical study this extraordinary supplement increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million.


StemEnhance is composed of a patented all-natural concentrate of an edible aquatic botanical known as Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA) that includes naturally-occurring Mobilin™. AFA grows naturally in a pristine environment in the Northwestern United States. The Ultimate in Cellular RenewalThe process of cellular regeneration is essential to helping you maintain optimum health.


Factors such as daily exposure to environmental toxins, physical activity, poor diet, stress and the aging process may cause a decline in your body’s ability to renew itself - putting your wellness at stake.


What you need is a natural supplement that supports the natural release of adult stem cells from your bone marrow - StemEnhance is designed to do just that! An Extraordinary SupplementStemEnhance is different from traditional multivitamins that work by supplying nourishment to old cells. Instead, StemEnhance supports the natural release of adult stem cells, the “master” cells that maintain tissue by transforming themselves into healthy new cells. This may help you maintain universal health and give you the edge you need to feel your best. 


AFA Extract (Stem Enhance) by Stemtech 

Scientific Studies:

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