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Stem Cell Treatment: The Future in Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cells are the lastest hot topic in mainstream medicine. Left and right we see products using the words "Stem Cell" to capture the attention of people, but we must be wary of these possible false advertisements and question their source of stem cells. 


In the science world, more researches on the significant use of stem cells in medicine and aesthetics are being done and many are at the stage of completion.


So what is it about these Stem Cells that have been causing such a hype? These Stem Cells offer potential treatment for a wide range of degenerative and debilitating disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's – and for delaying the effects of aging.


The most exciting breakthrough so far is the Autologous Adult Stem Cell Transplant, which involves the use of adult stem cells taken from the patient's own fat, blood or bone marrow. These are the only sources of stem cells recognized and allowed in our country as it does not cross ethical and moral boundaries. 


Internationally-trained in Autologous Fat-Derived Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. Joseph Raymond P. De Leon ensures only the best medical care for his patients. An in-depth initial consult, with a baseline diagnostic exam, plus guidance and follow-up ensures that the patient's journey towards healing is well on the way. 

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Feeling younger and looking younger are now both possible through the Autologous Fat-Derived Stem Cell Therapy.

Now is the era of ANTI-AGING. Women and Men alike are after the fountain of youth. Everyone wants to stay healthy, fit, young-looking, and have the vigor of younger generations.  


Over the past decade, the ability to look younger has been possible with the onslaught of aesthetic procedures and anti-aging treatments. However, the body still ages as the cells and organs grow old. But giving the body the capability to regenerate younger cells is now possible through the Autologous Fat -Derived Stem Cell Thearpy. This procedure holds great promise against a wide variety of degenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, cancer and aging itself.

Stem Cell Therapy does not prevent you from getting degenerative diseases, but because it has a regenerative effect on your cells and organs, it may delay the onset of a particular disease.


Nearly all diseases have a degenerative component, and that's what this therapy targets. For example, in the case of diabetes, there may be a degeneration of the vascular system leading to ischemic heart disease, peripheral neuropathy of the legs, retinopathy of the eyes, and even pancreatic insulin insufficiency. The therapy can help restore the heart, legs, eyes, and pancreas, and may help reduce diabetes complications. However, as a sole treatment without lifestyle changes, it will not take the disease away.

The therapy takes about four to six hours (three hours to harvest and activate the stem cells, and one to two hours for patient infusion and local therapy). We harvest about 100-300 million dormant stem cells from the patient's fat (100-300cc) through a mini-liposuction. They are placed in a fat-dissolving solution to separate the cells from the fat, centrifuged, then added to your own body's growth factor solution. This growth factor solution also contains inflammatory signals and will be the guide for the stem cells to know where they need to go inside your body during the intravenous infusion. Full recovery period is about one to two weeks.


Adipose-Dervied Stem Cell Therapy has been dubbed as the ultimate anti-aging therapy, as it offers rejuvenation in terms of feeling stronger and looking younger. The regenerative effects makes a person younger both inside and outside. Some effects reported were increased energy levels, short-term memory improvement, mood relaxation, sleep pattern improvement, increased libido, and the will to exercise. 


Despite popular belief, Dr. De Leon does not recommend having other major cosmetic surgical procedures done at the same time as the stem cell therapy. These procedures, such as full body liposuction, will create further inflammation in the body and may possibly confuse the stem cells as to where their regenerative effects will go. He suggests that major cosmetic procedures be done first, and ample time be allowed for healing, anywhere from 6-12 weeks. The only exceptions are Fat Stem Cell Breast and Butt augmentation, as well as the Fat Stem Cell Face Lift.   

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