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Different Stem Cell Therapy Options

Precursor Stem Cells 

​The youngest and most potent cells available which can come from both Xenogenic and Autologous form depending on what you prefer. These are freshly harvested and immediately given to the patient in the shortest amount of time as possible. For the autologous option, these are given after processing of your blood then harvesting and multiplying the precursor cells. Precursor cells are the cells that have the capacity to differentiate into any specific cell type which means that it can help regenerate aging organs by giving your body the capability to influence the formation of younger cells. 

Fresh Frozen Stem Cells 

Fresh frozen cells are precursor cells that have been flash frozen after harvesting from their xenogeneic fetal source. They are also potent inducers of cell regeneration and differentiation.   

Mito-Organelles Organ-Specific Cells ​

The next level in cellular therapy which focuses on repairing cell viability and metabolism to be able to restore organ function and system regeneration. Cell contents (organelles) may be the same in all cells however each cell is different in its function depending on which organ they belong to. These organelles vary in number, shape, and intensity from organ to organ hence restoring these cellular functions can help restore organ function. 

Mesenchymal Stem Cells 

These Umbilical or Bone Marroe source stem cells are human, that have been thoroughly processed and analysed to contain Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). These MSC are blank cells that have the ability to differentiate into any cells that any damaged organ may need. Given thru an intravenous infusion, about 30-60 Million MSC are able to circulate in the patient's body for repair. 

Autologous Fat Stem Cells

Less painful than a bone marrow stem cell therapy, the fat cells are simply harvested thru liposuction. These fat cells contain Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) and are then given either thru local injection into the affected area or thru intravenous means. 50-100 Million stem cells can be administered in one session from about 100-300cc of fat cells.

Dendritic Stem Cell Therapy (For Cancer Patients) 

Also called Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI) is one of the most recent advances in cancer tumor therapy in the field of regenerative and integrative medicine. ASI can be cultivated from tumor tissue or 30cc of venous blood, and is returned to the patient in 30 vials of 1cc to be used like a vaccine. This method boosts your immune system function and recognition of your medical condition hence can potentially fight cancer and other auto-immune diseases.

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