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JOSIE, 45, a renowned Filipino-Canadian Singer, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and founder of the JDL Performing Arts School in Canada.

Anti-Aging Solution

Aging is a complex yet natural process. Its causes are not completely understood, but it is often accelerated by our lifestyle, such as being exposed to toxins and our daily intake of sugars. Today, our lifestyles are challenging, very fast-paced and more stressful than ever before. Aging is a reaction to living; as though we are surviving in a continuous state of inflammation at the cellular level, which leads to degeneration over time.


One thing is certain: cells become progressively damaged over time and die, and the new cells that replace them are much older than before.


As we age, the friction of living wears us down, our systems get stressed and we begin to feel old.  Heart disease, Arthritis and Diabetes are conditions that are degenerative in nature and are driven by inflammatory factors that accelerate aging. Unfortunately we get fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, we fatigue easily, have slower recuperation, slower regeneration, and lose that firm youthful complexion and body composition.


Essentially, when you are young you have LOTS of stem cells.  You age, but your stem cells don't. And as you grow older, you make less and less.


Anti-aging treatments using your own stem cells involves removing your own stem cells, activating them, and then re-injecting your cells back into you, intravenously and locally. Your stem cells do what they're designed to do... make your body work better.


Stem cells have the ability to change in most kinds of tissue in the human body. The cells will reform the basic structures of organs and systems that have faltered over time.


Your own Stem Cells can be applied directly to the fine lines and wrinkles to fill in new collagen and elastin tissue to reverse signs of aging, naturally.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatments are a relatively new, and a very effective weapon in our arsenal in the battle to stay vibrant and healthy.


Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell preparations improve immune function and hormonal balance in patients. Stem cell therapy may be associated with an “anti-aging” effect. 


In administering such therapy, we noticed a report of effects which include:


  • Various effects leading to improved fitness, including increased feelings of energy, vigor and inner strength; improved mobility, coordination, strength and endurance; and an increased desire for physical activity.


  • An improvement in joint function and reduced symptoms of arthritis.


  • Improved mental capacity, concentration and ability to maintain attention; increased clarity of thinking, speech and memory. 


  • Improved psychological state, including elevated mood and positive attitude; decreased irritability, sleepiness and apathy.

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