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Always tired? Dull and Dry Skin? Taking too many medications? Want to look and feel your best? Focused on having improved quality of life? 

Do not worry, ​Dr. Joe and his team can help you!

Let us be part of your age management journey.

about us

At Manila Stem Cell, our goal is to provide the highest level of genuine holistic patient care and treatment options in an environment of integrity, honesty, quality, and value. ​​

We offer Functional Medicine, Integrative Cancer Care, Light-Activated Platelet-Rich Plasma, Aesthetic and Laser Dermatology, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, and all the available options in Stem Cell Therapy and Bio-Molecular Solutions.


We believe in the power of the Mitochondria, Cellular Therapy, and the body's ability to heal itself, together with the added benefits of positive lifestyle changes and optimum nutritional support.​

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